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Proven expertise in a big data ecosystem of AI, NLP & Text Mining, Data Engineering, cloud management is leveraged to develop value based solutions for clients.


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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) implementation model where Mobius engineers design, develop, fine-tune, stabilize and implement on the cloud/enterprise with a subscription or maintenance investment model.


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Simple to Master

Minimum effort to operationalize, in production workflows being used for more than 5 years. Realize ROI efficiently and quickly

Secure by Design

Role based privileges ensure that your data is secure and only available to appropriate users for operation and data availability

Quick to Scale

Cloud-based elastic architecture for efficient scalability, optimizing your investment without compromising on quality

AI & Rule Driven

Control, flexibility and data improvements as part of process orchestration using AI and Rule Engines - AI for data improvements and Rule Engines for control and flexibility

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